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[New York City] Lead Backend Software Engineer

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International startup

Our client is a startup with offices in both New York and France and is looking for a developer to strengthen his New York team. Their growing business would offer you nice career evolution opportunities and a lot of challenges. They want to create a completely secure API from scratch with different levels of access. This API will be used for users to signup / signin through their mobile App, to retrieve or update customer informations and should also be scaled to receive different kind of stats from a lot of different devices simultaneously.


  • Have 4+ years of industry experience building cloud services and web applications.
  • Have experience building complex software systems on AWS or GCP
  • Restful APIs and knowledge of frameworks
  • Broadly knowledgeable about automated deployment, agile and scrum methods, serverless implementations, information security, and machine learning.
  • Team spirit
  • Autonomous immediately
  • Have the ability to work from our New York City office.
Skills :
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js
  • Firebase
  • AWS

110K$ to 150K$ annual revenue dependending on experience.

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